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Preparing for Death (MP3 CD)
Preparing for Death (MP3 CD)
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As soon as we are born we embark upon a journey that leads inevitably to death. It would be in one’s best interest to educate oneself in order to be prepared for that experience. Considered in this teaching are the necessary conditions and resources that will enable us to ensure that the journey to death will be the best possible one we can make. The instructions are also intended to introduce the deceased to the fact of their condition of roaming in the after-death state. The entire transition between an individual’s death and their being reborn is comprised of three phases. The interval from the time the outer breathing ceases until the inner breathing ceases is the first phase of The Intermediate State of the Death Experience. Once the inner respiration has ceased and all breathing has stopped, the ensuing phase is called The Intermediate State of Reality. Approximately twenty one days later begins The Intermediate State of Rebirth. All three of these phases are covered in depth by Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin in these teachings given over two weekends in September 2012 and May 2013.
Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin guides us through an exploration of what happens in the death process and how the after-death experience manifests for every individual. Drawing from Guru Rinpoche’s Great Liberation Through Hearing In the Intermediate States, known in modern times as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, he gave a complete overview of the key instructions from this famous cycle of treasure teachings--the very instructions that reveal how we can discover the potential for liberation and awakening within the death experience itself. Translation by Jigme Nyima. Edited in the Mainly English format. Five talks on one MP3 CD.
  • "Mainly English" Edition
  • Because Khenpo spoke for long periods of time in Tibetan, his long monologues have been curtailed so that the continuity of the English translations of these teaching is not broken. Thus, the voice heard for the vast majority of the time is that of the translator. The unedited teaching (including all Tibetan) is available on DVD.

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