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If you are a member of Nalandabodhi and are interested in purchasing recordings of Sangha Retreat teachings or other recordings related to the Nalandabodhi Practice Curriculum, you will need access to the private area of the Vajra Echoes website called Nalandabodhi Sangha Practice Recordings. This access can be gained via three easy steps. However, be sure to read this entire page before beginning the process.

1. Click on the My Account/Order Status button near the top right of this page. Once there enter your email address and create a password you will remember. This sets up an account for you at the website.

2. Before we can give you access to the Nalandabodhi Members private area of the website, you will need to send us an email message to us at [email protected] giving us some basic information that will clearly indicate to us that you indeed are a Nalandabodhi member. (e.g. who your Practice Instructor is, or what local sangha you practice with, your connection with Rinpoche, etc.) Once we receive this message and verify you as a member, we will mark a setting in your account that will allow you access to the private area. We will send you a message letting you know we have done so.

3. Once you have access permission, simply go to the website and sign in using the My Account/Order Status button near the top right of the Home page.
You will then see a category labeled Nalandabodhi Sangha Practice Recordings approximately halfway down the Navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Clicking on that will take you into the private area, which has a number of different sub-sections.

Note 1:
If the Nalandabodhi Sangha Practice Recordings menu item does not appear in the Navigation menu when you sign in, try clicking on the Home button (the first item in the Navigation menu) to refresh the page.

Note 2: After you have created an account, each time you come back to the Vajra Echoes website (on the same computer) you will find a "Welcome" message with your name in it on the home page.

Note 3: Even though you have access to the entire private area called Nalandabodhi Sangha Practice Recordings, you may NOT order recordings that have restriction requirements if you don't meet those practice level or other requirements.