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Buddhism in Real Life and The Wheel of Life (MP3 CD)
Buddhism in Real Life and The Wheel of Life (MP3 CD)
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This MP3CD combines Lama Kathy's Friday night public talk on Buddhism in the Real Life with her four weekend talks on The Wheel of life.
Buddhism in the Real Life:
What role do meditation and dharma study play in our day-to-day world? Lama Kathy Wesley explains that Buddha’s teachings “gave us back to ourselves”. We have the power of happiness. Our state of mind does not depend on external conditions. It is limitless clear awareness that is present no matter what our circumstances if we use the tools of dharma study and practice. Stress is only the inability to rest the mind in its own nature. By developing the ability to rest simply and see clearly our inherent nature of clear awareness, we gain the ability to find equanimity amid life’s incessant demands.
The Wheel of Life:
One colorful image captures all of  our existence as samsaric beings. The Wheel of Life, held in the grip of the fierce-looking Yama, the Lord of Death, shows at its very center the 3 mind poisons of passion, aggression and ignorance which give rise to the Six Realms, the Twelve Nidanas (Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination) and all other aspects of samsara. With insight, skill and humor Lama Kathy gives a complete tour of this Wheel, and teaches how by understanding the Wheel in detail we can better orient our lives toward liberation from samsara through dharma practice. Four talks.
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