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Pointing Out the Dharmakaya (MP3CD)
Pointing Out the Dharmakaya (MP3CD)
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In Rinpoche’s commentary on Pointing Out the Dharmakaya, he begins by encouraging us to recognize that our path or “mind project” is a personal investigation and inner journey examining the nature of our own heart and mind on the basis of instructions provided by past practitioners. In order to succeed in this journey we must first engage in preliminary practices to accumulate merit (mind training), to clear away confusion and to connect us strongly to the path and lineage (ngöndro). Rinpoche then teaches extensively on the four necessary conditions for accomplishing mahamudra. (1) The causal condition is the quality of renunciation or determination to become free. The foundation for generating genuine renunciation is recognizing impermanence. (2) Relying on a Spiritual Friend includes relying on four types of guru: the outer guru, the inner guru, the guru who is the ultimate dharmata, and the symbolic guru of appearances. This is the dominant condition because relying on these four types of gurus is essential for realizing the nature of mind. (3) The object condition means the object of our mahamudra meditation must be the naturally settled state of our own mind of perceptions, concepts, and emotions. (4) The immediately preceding condition must be in place immediately before realization arises. This means being free of hope and fear about meditation. Contemplating these four conditions helps us see if further preliminary practice is required before embarking on mahamudra practice. In the 9th Karmapa’s text, these four conditions are followed by the essential points of body. Rinpoche emphasizes the close connection between body posture and mind, supplementing the text with material from the Ocean of Definitive Meaning and from the tantras. In Talk 3, Rinpoche teaches the Essential Points of Mind, the main or key instruction on mahamudra shamatha. The key point is to rest without adopting or rejecting, without hope or fear, without fabrication or contrivance, resting freshly, resting loosely, resting just as it is. When we rest in this way the true nature of mind slowly becomes more naked, more clear. This is the true nature of our present, currently arising, currently manifesting, currently appearing mind of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. The Ninth Karmapa says that if we are unable to rest our mind in this way, then the methods of mahamudra shamatha are taught. These methods help us work with distraction in order to be able to rest naturally. In talks four and five, Rinpoche teaches these methods. A key message that comes through Rinpoche’s teaching is the importance of thoroughly working with the preliminary practices and contemplations before starting mahamudra practice.

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